Miranda + Seth = Engaged

Beth + Kreg = Maternity





Arissa + Aaron = Married

This couple is so sweet and special to me. I have been through (and finished!) pharmacy school with both of them over the past 4 years. I have been friends with Arissa since our 1st year and I am so glad I have gotten to know Aaron better through their wedding.

 They both have genuinely kind hearts and encourage each other so well. I know they are going to have such a happy and supportive marriage together!

I felt so honored to be their wedding photographer and was glad I got to spend a special day with them.

Some of my favorite photos from the day are during Arissa and Aaron’s first look. I know everyone has their opinion about whether or not first looks are for them. Personally I love them! Having gotten to be apart of shooting a few of them and having one myself on our wedding day, I think they are super sweet and special! The couple’s are always so vulnerable and just focused on each other. I always support couples that don’t want to see each other until they are walking down the aisle, but personally I just love getting to shoot the first looks when its usually just the 3 of us! Its one of the hundreds of reasons I love shooting weddings. I feel like I get to see something so sweet and so special! So thanks Arissa and Aaron for letting me capture those moments for y’all!

I wish you two the best of luck in your pharmacy careers and in marriage! I know God will bless y’all both in your marriage! Thanks again and I hope y’all make it out to Colorado soon!