calvin = newborn

I am in the midst of finals during the end of my 2nd year of pharmacy school and all I wanna do is TAKE PICTURES! I am loving it more and more every shoot I have the amazing opportunity to do! I have been so blessed with people in my life who are liking my new found love and asking me to do sessions for them. This sweet baby boy is the son of proud parents Michelle and Daniel McIntosh. It started out pretty chilly today (I'm sure he was thinking "Why am I the only one half naked?") and by the end of the session, the poor thing was sweatin'. But he was such a trooper and was awesome the whole time. I never knew I would love taking baby pictures so much, but I really do! More to come of Mr. Calvin from this shoot but for now I have to get back to studying... boo. 


Allison said...

So cute! I love them Jamie, great job!!!

Jamie Montgomery said...

Thanks Allison!!!

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