Where to begin… I wear so many hats in this crazy life. 

First and foremost, I am a follower and lover of our Savior Jesus. Without Him, I am nothing and I am oh-so-thankful everyday for all the blessings He pours into my life. 

Next off, in no particular order, I am a wife to an amazing, Godly man who truly is my best friend. I'm a southern girl born in Alabama living in Tennessee who is a sucker for monograms, traditions, seersucker, and sweet tea. I'm a sister to a sweeter-than-I-could-ever-imagine-being girl named Miranda. I'm a fourth year pharmacy student at East Tennessee State University. I'm so excited about graduating in May 2013! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for the next chapter of our lives. Oh and just so you get a full picture, I'm also a borderline crazy cat lady… particularly for one special kitty named Sophie. 

              (That's my hubby Skot with our pup Jaycie… isn't he a stud?)      <<<excitement>>> 

Hobbies include: crafting, sewing, cooking, baking, traveling (on the cheap), couponing (to pay for the traveling), reading blogs and magazines and lastly… how you got to this site… PHOTOGRAPHY!

Like I mentioned above, I am so thankful for the many blessings in my life. A big one is being able to pursue my passion for photography. I still have to pinch myself before I scoot off to a session. I can't believe that I am getting to be a "photographer" in the midst of pursuing a crazy challenging degree. I feel like being in pharmacy school (my dream since 9th grade) is more than enough to be happy about, but to also find time to do photography and to have people who actually want me to be their photographer, is almost surreal! 

I think that my enormous gratitude, to be doing the things I love in life, pours out when I am behind the lens and building relationships with the people I work with. I don't have to try very hard to be excited and passionate when I am shooting… It just so natural. I truly want everyone to have fun getting their pictures taken, and I do try my very best to make this happen. 

You may be asking how I got into photography with so many different things pulling me in many directions. Well if you look at my Facebook, you will see I am up to over 325 photo albums. Clearly, I have always loved to take pictures…Ha. In May 2009, my sweet husband, then boyfriend, surprised me with a DSLR camera. For those who have no idea what DSLR means like I didn't at the time, in simple terms: its not a point-and-shoot or iPhone camera… you can adjust shutter speed, aperture and such to have greater control of creating images… anyway not the point here, but when he got me this thoughtful present, it lit a fire under my butt to really learn how to use it and further develop my love for pictures. Skip forward to fall 2010 when the very first person asked me if I would take their engagement pictures!!! I was so excited I almost cried. That lead to me doing a few shoots for close friends and family and then I decided to get a bit more serious about my "part-time photography" gig. We upgraded cameras which lead to adding on an external flash to my camera bag and recently Daddy (that's what I call Skot sometimes) got me a sweet, for real, big girl, professional lens! I LOVE it!!! I don't know where my photography will go in the future… I'll leave that in God's hands. But in the meantime I am going to keep doing what I love and continue to be thankful. :-)

I don't have the best of the best equipment or a fancy-shmancy website with cool videos and music or other bells and whistles that I hope one day to offer,  but I do have a huge heart for photography and I am thankful I can offer affordable pricing to wonderful people who are seeking quality photos.

 Thank you so much for taking a look at my photography blog and getting to know me a little better! I hope you have a fabulously blessed day!

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