beth + kreg ... take two

 This sweet couple holds such a special place in my heart 1. because I'm the sister-in-law to Kreg 2. because I'm best friends with Beth (my soon to be sister-in-law... We're not sure if it really works like that but I'm calling her that anyway). and 3. because they both are just awesome in so many ways.  I have been friends with Beth since elementary school and we were roommates at Troy University. This is where Skot and I had the FABULOUS idea that these two should date. The rest is history after that pretty much. They have been head over heals for each other ever since! I love them both so much individually and even more as a couple! I am so excited about their soon-to-be marriage. Their wedding is just 54 days away!!! Yay!!! 

So on why its called "take two" ... I took some "mock" engagement pictures of them the day after they got engaged last September. They were sweet enough to be my guinea pigs because that was the first "shoot" I ever did. A few of those pictures turned out O.K. but honestly I hardly knew a thing about DSLR cameras ha. I shot all the pictures in manual mode and it was definitely a learning experience.... I feel like I know a whole of a heck a lot more about my camera now (a year later) and I asked them if I could please give them better and official engagement pictures. They happily agreed and I am much more pleased with the round two... I hope they will be too :-)  

Congrats and I love y'all so much!!!!

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