Samantha = Senior

I had the pleasure of spending this beautiful fall afternoon with this pretty girl. Samantha is a senior at Science Hill High School this year. She is super sweet and I think her personality really came out in these senior pictures. She loves soccer and reading so we incorporated these things into a few shots. 

One of the best parts of my "mini job" in photography is getting to meet so many new, great people. When I walk up to a session location and shake hands (or hug) my new client, its like I have an instant new friend who happens to love smiling for me. haha I love it! I am still so thankful every time I get an e-mail asking me to take pictures for someone. I can't believe I'm getting to do something I have always dreamed about and always loved for a part-time job… its awesome!!!

Thanks so much Samantha (and Tina) for allowing me to pursue one of my passions! Y'all are great!

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