Carrie + Chris = Married

This was a very exciting day not only because Carrie and Chris became husband and wife but because the weather about gave us all a heart attack. 

Carrie and Chris planned a beautiful outdoor wedding on Lake James in North Carolina. When we were driving to their wedding location, it started pouring down rain about 30 min. away. Im not just talking about sprinkling or a light shower. I'm talking putting on the flashers because you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you…. I was so nervous that the wedding was going to get rained out.

Well someone must have been looking over us because the rain stopped, the clouds parted and it turned out to be a beautiful day perfect for an outdoor wedding. 

There were so many fun details that this couple incorporated into their wedding. Like Carrie wearing blue converses during the reception that were signed by their wedding party. I love that their personalities shined through on their big day! It was so fun capturing all the memories for them. 

Congrats Carrie and Chris! I wish you all the happiness in the world in your new marriage!

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